• March 24, 2013

    Ombre Sweaters – 9 Colours

    Have been working hard at this release for a week or so now. Trying (again) to get back to work on the store with some big mesh releases. Hope you all love Ombre as much as I do :D

    Photoshoot done at Las Arenas Rosadas, my favouriteSL island!

    9 colours, 100% rigged mesh and in 5 SL standard sizes.

    IM/NC/comment with any other colour suggestions.

  • December 1, 2012

    New Release! – Wide Neck Sweater

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed some nice Black Friday bargains.  Managed to grab myself some GREAT deals on amazon.co.uk (RE6 for £14.97 and 6 months of LoveFilm for £15.98!!)

    So there are 23 days ’til Christmas left!

    In keeping with this generous time of year, when you’re in the Ty Zvezda store searching for the Silver Lining hunt item, you might have noticed this amazeballs new release!

    Available in the usual 5 standard sizes and a range of cosy winter 2012 colours for L$120.

    This is a rigged mesh item with an alpha layer included as it is quite a snug fitting.


    Join the in-world update group for a completely FREE copy of the new sweater in an exclusive slate colour.

  • November 22, 2012

    Monochrome Hunt – Silver Lining

    Ty Zvezda has created a silver verison of the Diamond Studded Leather Clutch Purses for Mauricette Morane’s grid wide hunt, commencing 23/11/2012.

    Diamond Studded Leather Clutch Purse - Silver

    The clutch is hidden in the store (not very well, so I’m pretty sure you will have no bother finding it!), and is a piddly L$5!  The hunt item is a piece of silver cloth hanging (that’s a hint!!!) somewhere inside the store.

    Taxi to the line up of all the stores participating in this hunt.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and happy hunting!

  • September 16, 2012

    tz.m – Ty Zvezda, For Men

    Coming soon to the main store.  Lots of different colours but unsure what to do about the standard sizing for men…

    [Rendered in Blender]

  • September 9, 2012

    Ty Zvezda – For Him

    How about some male attire?

    Ty Zvezda - For Him

    Not happy with the current standard sizing system for men; the sizes are totally out of proportion.  So, working on a more simple three tier system (s, m, l) for t-shirts, increasing in size for each layer style of clothing enabling them to be overlaid…  That’s the plan anyway :P

  • July 22, 2012

    Limited Time Only – Shuffle Flats & High Mini Skirts

    The old 2009/2010 Shuffle Flats & High Mini Skirts are now available at Ty Zvezda for a limited time.  L$60 & L$70 respectivly.

  • FLF Open Applications!

    Hey everyone, sorry for my mini hiatus!  Last week I finally got a new fulltime job in RL relating to my BSc & MSc, and left my old job workin’ as a shop boi!  So I have been a little occupied with that.  Thankfully I can now get into a routine and get some proper things finished and put out in the store.

    Also, OMGWTF Barbeque is now open to fresh applications for FLF.  Ty Zvezda hasn’t done half as well since FLF ended, so I am re-applying in the hope that the store can get back into a rotation again.  Plus it gives me the opportunity to deput some nifty new things for a piddly L$50 every now and again!  Also, if you are a new and up coming store, apply for it yourself!  I can only praise how beneficial this event can be for your store.

    On a final note, I will be bringing back some old retired 2010 T.Z. items for a limited time until I get some new mesh things rolled out.  Stay tuned for more info. on them this evening :D

  • June 29, 2012

    In the Pipeline…

    Back from my break to London, fueled and ready to make some more stuffs!  Currently working on this cute leather shopper tote – my most detailed mesh accessory creation to date.

    Should be ready for release by next weekend in a multitude of colours :)

    Item put on hold, source file deleted from PC :(

  • June 15, 2012

    50L$ Friday Returns!!

    Everyone from the 50L$ Friday group was sent out this teaser texture during the week.  If you’re not a member of the group, you should be!

    OMGWTF Barbeque stated in the post on her own flickr that ‘[the event will be] bigger, better, more organized… [in relation to participating stores, there will be] lotsssssssssssss new… [and everyone should] stay in the old group’.

    I’m not sure if the event has started this week or not, but there are a few fresh pictures up on the flickr group pool for 50L$ Friday.  Soooo, hope I’m still in the line up for some sort of weekly rotation again so you guys can get some cheap 50L$ deals.

  • June 10, 2012

    MESH Lips & Teeth – Limited Edition Concept Item – Now Available

    Mesh Lips & Teeth - Limited Edition Concept Item

    Today I wizzed up an idea I’ve been having for a while now – mesh lips & teeth!  It’s a really raw design and it does have its flaws, but it’s available to buy for L$70 at the store for a limited time.

    Depending on how much interest they receive, I will start working on more styles and colours; so BUY BUY BUY!!

    Only the front of the lips are coloured, the back is white.  This is to ensure that you submerge the mesh far enough into your face as to hide the white and makes the lips ‘fit in’ with the rest of your face.  The mesh will need resizing, repositioning and rotating.  Your lips will also need reshaping.